4 Reasons You Should Consider Cremation

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Cremation is becoming a quite popular choice for people planning their own funerals. There are many reasons why someone might opt for a cremation rather than a traditional burial, but here are four of the most common ones.

1. Reduced cost

One of the benefits offered by cremation is that it is typically cheaper than a traditional burial. When you factor in the cost of a casket, headstone and funeral services, cremation can save you a lot of money. In addition, cremation eliminates the need for a burial plot, which can be expensive. And, if you choose to scatter the ashes, there is no need to purchase a cemetery plot.

2. Less planning

Another significant benefit of planning a cremation is that it gives your loved ones more flexibility. A cremation doesn't typically require as much planning as a traditional burial. Your family can always choose to hold a memorial service sometime after the actual cremation has taken place, which gives you and your loved ones more space and time to process their grief.

3. More compact

There are several advantages to cremation over traditional burial. One key advantage is that cremated remains take up far less space than a body buried in a casket. This can be important if you're worried about your loved ones having to find room for a gravesite.

4. More options when it comes to ashes

Finally, one major benefit of cremation is that it leaves your loved one with something tangible - your ashes. One popular option is to request that your family scatter the ashes in a special place that is significant to you. This could be a favourite spot in the countryside, by the sea or even in the garden.

Another option is to have the ashes made into jewellery. This could be a pendant, ring or charm bracelet. Wearable ashes are becoming increasingly popular as they allow people to keep their loved ones close to their hearts at all times.


Cremation is a great option for those who want to save money, have more flexibility or be more creative with where your final resting place is. With so many benefits, it's no wonder that cremation is becoming more and more popular each year. If you are considering cremation, be sure to discuss your options with a local funeral director. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.