Four Services Australian Funeral Homes Provide

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Throughout Australia, funeral homes offer a comprehensive range of services designed to support families during the challenging and emotional time that often follows the death of a loved one. These services try to make the process of organising a fitting farewell for a family member as easy as possible. Many of them are entirely optional so you should be able to pick and choose which ones you want to take advantage of and which ones you'd prefer to handle yourself. What are the main services you can expect to be provided?

Funeral Planning

To begin with, funeral homes should provide full-service funeral planning. This is a comprehensive service that will include everything from advising you on all aspects of a funeral's order of service to organising a wake or a celebration of life service. Full-service planning may include arranging flowers, organising transport and even planning post-service refreshments. This service aims to alleviate the burden on the family during their time of grief. The funeral home will coordinate with all of the various service providers, such as florists and limousine rental outlets, to help ensure everything proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Administrative Guidance

Another key service offered by funeral homes revolves around legal and administrative support. The administrative tasks associated with a person's passing can be overwhelming for bereaved families. If you want help preparing, submitting and obtaining necessary legal documents such as death certificates, permits for burial or cremation and notices for the public, then it is good to know that professional assistance is on offer. In some cases, you can also get advice and assistance in dealing with wills, estates and other legal matters related to the deceased's affairs. However, you are under no obligation to take the advice offered even if you have asked for it.

Grief Counselling

Another crucial service offered by some funeral homes in Australia involves bereavement support. The mourning process does not end with the funeral service for many people. It's a journey that can continue for months or even years. Consequently, some funeral service providers now offer access to grief counselling and support groups. The idea is to help individuals and family groups to navigate their way through the grieving process.

Memorial Services

Supplying and installing physical memorials is something else that some memorial funeral home providers offer. This means that you won't have to deal with engravers or memorial manufacturers directly. In many cases, the home will provide you with a range of options so you can choose exactly the sort of grave marker, a headstone or other sorts of physical memorial that seems right for you. In many cases, the funeral home staff will have the contacts and expertise you need to make an informed memorial choice.

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