Funeral Trends You Might Consider

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No one likes the idea of planning a funeral for someone else, or of preplanning their own funeral, but these events are a reality of life. Knowing a few funeral trends that make such an event more comfortable for everyone, and which can honour and respect the deceased, can help make the process easier on you. Note a few of those funeral trends here, and remember to customize them as needed, so a funeral is truly personal and shows respect to someone who has passed away.

Themed funerals

You may assume that a themed funeral would be disrespectful, but if someone you know was a sincere fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, or another movie series, or was in love with a certain time period, why not honour their interests with a themed funeral? These funerals don't need to be frivolous and can still be serious even if they include costumes, music, and the like. Your funeral director can work with you for how to incorporate details of a theme, so that the funeral is still respectful and something that a deceased person would appreciate.

Participatory funerals

Many funerals are conducted by a clergyperson or the funeral director, and often just one person from the deceased's friends or family circle is asked to speak. Today's funerals might be more participatory, so that anyone can offer a few words or share memories of that person. It's important that this be planned carefully so that the funeral doesn't take too long, and so that no one is put on the spot the day of the funeral. However, participating can actually help persons with their grieving process and ensure the funeral is more personal overall.


Simple-to-use video editing software that is often included on many computers and smart phones can allow anyone to create a high-quality video that honours the deceased. This can include old home movies, shots of their favourite places to visit, poems being read by others or being scrolled past the screen, or even video of the deceased leaving a message for his or her family. You can typically rent a projector that works with your computer, or which uses a flash disk for memory, as well as portable video screens that can be set up in a funeral home. Discuss this with the funeral director ahead of time, to ensure they have room for such a screen and that chairs are set up for viewing, and to ensure the video doesn't go past their allotted time for the funeral itself.