Could Bronze Be the Monument Material For You?

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Whether you're choosing a fitting monument for a loved one who has passed away or you're planning for your own burial, one of the first steps is to choose the right material.

With granite so commonly used and marble being another popular choice for cemetery monuments, many people take one of those options without looking into other possibilities. And, while either of these stones offers a lot of the qualities you'd want in a cemetery monument whilst also looking nice, there's more out there that you might not be aware of.

One possibility that's beginning to gain popularity is bronze. Bronze monuments are a slightly more unusual way to remember someone who's passed away, but they can be an excellent choice in some situations. To understand if they're right for you, it's important to understand the pros and cons.


Distinguished appearance

There's nothing quite like the look of cast bronze to make a graveside monument really stand out. Because bronze is a darker, classy-looking metal, it won't look garish or overly modern. Bronze suits people who really want to make an impact with their monument and is an excellent way to remember a life well lived.

Low maintenance

Bronze doesn't attract moss and lichen as much as stone monuments do, so there's a lower need for constant upkeep. It may need a bit of a polish now and then, but it's easy to manage and look after. Additionally, because the monument is cast and the letters are raised, they don't fill with debris like carved lettering does.

Plenty of design options

With such a versatile material, you can choose many lettering styles and other touches that are difficult to achieve with granite or marble. You can also choose additions like a bronze vase, symbols and graphics, and even a photo of the deceased.


Forbidden by some cemeteries

Although bronze is widely accepted, some older cemeteries and churchyards have strict rules on the materials allowed. If you like the idea of bronze, make sure you check with the management of the burial site before you make a firm decision.

Darkens slightly over time

It's important to remember that the monument won't always look the same as it does when new. Bronze naturally darkens a little over time, although many people find this change to be an attractive one.

Not strictly traditional

For those who like to keep things as traditional as possible, bronze might not be the best option. In these cases, sticking to granite is probably the best choice.