Going green on your funeral: Sustainable coffin design ideas

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After your loved one has lived a good life and contributed to society, what better send-off can you give them than to place them in an environmentally friendly coffin? Indeed, sustainable coffins are gaining popularity due to their non-toxic effect on the environment, convenient design, and multiple customisable options.

Rather than using other coffin materials that may deplete non-renewable resources or pollute the underlying soil, going green on your loved one's coffin can enable you to reflect the personality of your loved one more effectively during their final send-off. Here's why you should consider environmentally friendly coffins.

Multiple design options available

Most sustainable coffins are made from cartonboard. Carton board consists of 60% recycled paper, and wood pulp that has been harvested from sustainable forests. In addition, these coffins don't use tape, nuts or screws. This reduces the amount of metal that goes into the ground when your loved one is buried. Even the coffin handles are designed from natural cotton, as opposed to metallic fixtures.

By using cartonboard, the design options are almost limitless. The material is easier to work with, and you can express your loved one's character during their final send-off. People have used sustainable coffins to express dignity, patriotism, humour, and even to design unique shapes such as guitars and flowers.

More affordable prices

Because sustainable coffins don't use metals and hardwoods, they cost much less than traditional coffins. All wooden and metallic fixtures (as well as synthetic fibres) are not present in sustainable coffins. Therefore, you can save on costs while giving your loved on a well deserved send-off.


Cartonboard is a much lighter material than wooden coffins. This means that it is easier to work with in terms of shipping and transportation. If you need to transport the coffin over a long distance, a sustainable coffin will reduce complications during the transportation process. This also means that fewer accidents will result from the coffin slipping and falling due to its weight.

Multiple uses

Sustainable coffins can be used for both cremation and burial. The cartonboard material is flexible enough for multiple applications, meaning that people from different walks of life and with different beliefs can still care for the one environment that they live in. In this way, your loved ones can receive a personal, intimate and dignified send-off while making a statement to the rest of the world. Indeed, going green is the way to go.

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