Tips on How to Reduce Funeral Expenses Respectfully

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Planning a burial for your loved one is an incredibly emotional experience.  As you consider the most suitable way to honour them, the cost management issue can seem offensive. The stigma of low-cost funeral options or a cheap funeral can force you to spend more than what you can afford at a time when your mind isn't at its best.

But, it's essential to remember that no one wants their funeral to place a burden on the loved ones they leave behind. This post will share funeral planning tips on how to manage expenses without compromising on offering a respectful and beautiful send-off.

Keep everything simple

Most people do not like being a centre of attraction in life, and it's fitting to respect their wishes even in death. A dignified but simple, no-frills service allows everyone to grieve privately. For instance, a low-key cremation service tends to be cheaper compared to a full church funeral. Furthermore, they are ideal for creating that much-needed intimate chance for the loved one's family and friends to say goodbye.

Compare prices

While it may sound rather cold, funeral costs actually vary wildly from one provider to another. This means that you don't have to hire the first company you come across. Consider talking to various local providers and get a full breakdown of their offers. In case you are emotionally unprepared to handle such a task as you grieve, do not hesitate to ask a relative or close friend to either do the research or accompany you.

Choose a non-cemetery funeral

If you live in a busy area, you'll notice that burial plots are always in high demand — this might reflect in the cost. You can always find a meaningful and attractive burial location in designated 'natural burial grounds'. So, a tree may be planted to honour your loved one instead of purchasing a customised tombstone. A bio-degradable coffin can also be used — it ensures the funeral does not affect the environment.

Cut down on the extras

Most of the things people assume are important in funeral service are merely optional. For instance, a coffin doesn't have to be transported via a hearse — consider other available vehicle options. Similarly, you do not need to hire a limousine. Consider making other less costly arrangements so everybody can meet near or at the venue. People may also use their cars to get to the venue. Lastly, flowers are another major expense, so try other alternatives. Hand-picked blooms may feel more meaningful and environmentally friendly.

Contact a local funeral home for more information.