Key Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Monument Headstone

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Building a befitting monument for a loved one, coupled with the sad emotions involved, can overwhelm pretty much anyone. If it's your first time, it is highly likely that you have little information about monument headstones. Although an experienced mason might take you through the phases, exercising due diligence is recommended to enable you to make the right calls. This article addresses critical aspects to consider when choosing a monument headstone.

Monument Material

The choice of a monument headstone has a significant bearing on the materials used. Notably, you should go for versatile stones that are easy to implement and maintain. For example, granite is popular with many people since it is durable, comes in different colours, and is easy to design. Besides, granite monuments are easy to maintain since you only need a cloth to restore a tombstone to its original look. Nonetheless, you must also think about the cost since some monument materials are expensive and bound to set you back a few thousand dollars, especially granite. Fortunately, a headstone mason can guide you through the nitty-gritty and ensure you get the right headstone based on your budget and requirements.


Selecting a monument design involves the evaluation of multiple considerations before settling on the most appropriate style. Notably, one can either go for an upright version or a flat headstone based on preference and cemetery rules. Additionally, single, double and triple monuments are available, but the number of people being buried influences the choice. However, most monuments are usually a single type, which is used to represent one person. Before choosing a particular design, you should confirm it is compliant with cemetery rules to avoid complications. Therefore, consult a mason to guide you through the dos and don'ts as you seek to build the best monument for your loved one.


Perhaps, the most crucial part of a monument design is the finish since appearance matters a great deal. If you prefer a shiny finish, then a polished tombstone is the best, and granite offers the best results in this regard. However, if you want a chiselled monument, you should go for sandstones since they are known to provide a rough look. Again, you can opt for a balanced look that is smooth but non-polished. Noteworthy, the side ends of most headstones are usually not honed since little attention is directed towards the edges of a monument.