Two things to consider when choosing a funeral home

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Here are two things to consider when choosing a funeral home.

Whether you want to host the funeral reception at the funeral home

If, like most people, you want to have a funeral reception, then you'll need to think about whether or not you'd like to have this at the funeral home or at another venue. Not all funeral homes have reception rooms and as such, if you want to have this gathering in the same place as the funeral service, you will be limited to the local funeral homes that have this type of space available.

Hosting the reception in the funeral home can often be easier than having it at your own home or at a venue. It cuts down on how much driving everyone needs to do and can also spare you the preparatory work, such as setting up chairs and a buffet table, and the clean-up that comes with hosting an at-home gathering. This is worth noting as you may find motivating yourself to do these menial tasks quite difficult if you are grieving or in shock.

If you decide to use a funeral home that has a reception room, you should check that the room you pick can accommodate the guests and the catering equipment your caterer will need to bring and the buffet table.

Whether or not any guests have specific requirements

The other factor you must consider when choosing a funeral home is whether or not your guests have specific requirements that the funeral home you choose must be able to meet. For instance, if this will be quite a high-end funeral and many of the guests will be travelling in limousines, then you would need a funeral home with a car park that's large enough to hold several of these longer-than-average cars. Similarly, if you've booked a chamber orchestra for the funeral service, then you will need a funeral home that has a service room that is big enough to hold not only all of the guests but also the three dozen or more members of this orchestra.  

Likewise, if some of the guests are visually impaired or have hearing impairments, it would be sensible to choose a funeral home that features braille signs and can provide large-print versions of the order of service or that has speakers in its funeral service rooms, which will make it easier for those with poor hearing to listen to the funeral service.

Keep these things in mind as you look for funeral homes