How to Choose Between Burial and Cremation for a Loved One

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Choosing between burial and cremation is one of the most difficult decisions you will need to make when planning a funeral, especially if your loved one didn't tell anyone their wishes. However, this guide explains a few things you should consider, which should lead you to a decision.

Consider Their Personality and Passions

Your loved one might not have communicated your wishes, but you can still take them into account when deciding between burial and cremation. Think about which you think they would prefer based on their personality. Some people like the idea of becoming one with the earth through burial, while others dislike the idea. Is there somewhere they'd particularly like to be buried — for example, a place where their parents or grandparents are buried, or a natural burial ground? Alternatively, is there somewhere they'd love for their ashes to be scattered, such as the sea, the woods or even their own garden? There's no wrong answer, but speak to a few close family members and find out what they think might be best.

Think About Your Budget

Burials are typically more expensive than cremations, as you will need to purchase a plot. Finder explains that funerals typically cost around $4,000 for a basic cremation and more than that for the most simple burial. They also explain that a funeral service at a graveside rather than a crematorium will be more expensive. Work out what your budget is, and how much you can afford to spend on a burial or cremation. Don't worry if you can't afford the most expensive burial, as it isn't a reflection of how much you care about your loved one. It's simply important to make the best decision you can without going over budget.

Decide What Would Suit You Best

Taking your loved one's wishes into account is nice, but if you still have no idea, you might want to consider what would be best for you. Do you prefer the idea of a burial or a cremation? Is it important to you to have a graveside service, or do you prefer the idea of a service indoors at a crematorium? In the longer term, think about whether you'd prefer to visit a grave on special occasions, or whether taking a trip to the place they were scattered would be more meaningful to you.

There is no correct answer as to whether a person should be buried or cremated, but by considering their personality and places they loved, thinking about your budget, and working out what would suit you, you can make a decision that is appropriate for both your loved one and your living family members. For more information regarding burials, contact a funeral home.