Funeral Services: 5 Modern Trends

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Funeral services are constantly evolving and becoming more modern, which means families have more options than ever before when planning a funeral. Here are five of the most popular modern trends in funeral services.

1. Live streaming the service

Many funeral homes have begun live-streaming the service on their website in recent years, and the numbers may continue to grow as people become more connected online. The current pandemic has accelerated this trend, with most funerals now having at least some live stream or digital recording technology present.

2. Interactive websites

As technology advances and becomes integrated into our everyday lives, it is becoming part of the funeral industry. A popular trend is an interactive website that allows mourners to upload photos and videos of their loved ones for friends and family to see during the funeral service. In addition, the website often has a guestbook where mourners can post their thoughts and memories of their loved ones.

3. Celebrations of life

New traditions have taken root as part of the modern funeral service in recent years. Instead of holding a more traditional viewing or memorial service, some families choose to hold a "celebration of life" ceremony. This is an informal gathering that those who knew the deceased can attend, and they typically include food and music.

4. Donations instead of flowers

An increasing number of funeral homes now allow those who attend the funeral service to donate money to charity rather than sending flowers or tokens of remembrance. Some people find this a more meaningful way to honour their loved ones than traditional floral arrangements. It allows them to remember and celebrate their life rather than just mourning their death.

5. Artistic celebrations

As you can see, modern funerals are not simply a one-size-fits-all process. Instead, they allow families to celebrate the life of their loved ones in more exciting and artistic ways. Instead of having a plain wooden casket for the deceased to lay in during the funeral service, some families opt for an artistic casket that expresses their loved ones and their passions. For example, if the deceased had a passion for driving, you could have wheels painted onto the side of the casket so it looks like a racing car.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a funeral director near you today. They will be more than happy to discuss these and other trends so you can plan the perfect funeral.